PV Storage Microgrid Power Supply Project

The project is on-grid microgrid power supply system. The project cansupply steady power based on PV generation system, battery storage systemand city grid, the system takes PV generation as priority. The microgridenergy management system can realize the smart management for distribut-ed energy in the whole system, which is to coordinate the PV generationsystem and battery storage system, can reach the seamless switch of multi-ple energy on island running mode.

The microgrid smart control strategy and cloud-end management systemcan reach real-time displaying and analysing for generaton and using data,and reach remote maintenance. Cloud-end management system has thefunction of forwarding of multiple terminals displaying and multiple port,which is for omnidirectional services.

The PV generation capacity can be seamless expanded, maximizedly use PVgeneration to supply power for building use, work and produce. The systemcan not only supply clean energy to users, but also sell extra power when theload is not full.