Hebei ENN Intelligent Panergy Network Monitor Project

The project is based on the system energy efficiency and panergy network technology designed by ENN themselves, constructing the demonstration base in Heibei Langfang ENN technical park –ENN Energy Ecologival City. Beijing Electric Power Research Institute designed the whole frame, our company take the responsibility of the core work like data collection, microgrid monitor system, strategy development and strategy program and so on of the panergy network. The microgrid contains integration of monitoring of many system and different communication, the whole communication data reaches 280,000.

    The microgrid system of whole technical part is mainly set up on the 3rd and 4th bus bar after segmentation of single bus bar, the demarcation point of microgrid and city grid is between 2nd and 3rd bus bar, to install gateway interface cabinet--the key equipment of microgrid, the system mainly contains roof PV (250KW), natural gas generation (160KW), Li-Ion battery storage (400KW), and the load of uninterrupted power supply of the intelligent building, etc. To realize the steady running and switching of off-grid and on-grid by microgrid project. Our monitoring system uses professional controller and collection control modules, which can realize the integration of multiple subsystems flexibly. Since the project control strategy includes load of multiple subsystems and water treatment, etc., we researched the corresponding control structure, realized the whole intelligent power supply management.